Walmart Hats

I haven't found a hat in the road for a while so today I'm sharing my Walmart hats (No, I did not find them in the road but that sure would have been awesome!) because it's almost Christmas and two of my hats are Walmart employee holiday hats!

The middle hat is my Walmart employee hat. I asked for it for Christmas a couple of years ago and my wife surprised me with it. Why did I want it? I have no idea aside from how I like weird things.

I bought the two Christmas hats on eBay to wear at our Christmas community band concert last year but I ended up going with the fashionably safe Santa hat. 

Hat 5: Just Fish (Found November 7, 2020)

I drove up on Hat #5 this morning around 7:15AM on my way to get a haircut. It was out in the middle of a two lane state highway. I turned around and grabbed it right from the car door since there was no traffic.

Location: 36.19539, -86.28691

You can't tell what kind of shape a hat is in when you drive by it at thirty-five miles an hour and this one was in bad shape, unfortunately! 

Looks like it had already been run over. The right side of the visor is bent beyond repair.

The strap on the back of the hat is busted.

Final verdict:


Overall stats:

4 out of 5 hats saved so far so we're at 80%.

Introduction and hats one through four

Let's get this part out of the way first because I know you are thinking that this is really gross. 

I wash these hats immediately.

I own a Ballcap Buddy that I use to wash the hats thoroughly. I highly recommend it. 

The inspiration for this is the Corner Gas episode from season 2, "Lost and Found" in which Oscar finds a perfectly good pair of pants on the side of the road and starts picking up all kinds up stuff people tossed out until Emma finally puts an end to it.


"Wandering around picking up trash isn't a hobby, it's more like a symptom."―Emma to Oscar

This started probably twelve years ago with HAT NUMBER ONE (Ozark Motor Lines):

I was driving on the road next to Office Max when I saw this hat in what appeared to be brand new condition on the ground with the packing cardboard still in the hat. I washed the hat and then it became my GPS hat meaning I traveled all over the country for work, this hat went with me and I used it to over up the GPS in the floodboard of the car.

Then, I had an over decade-long lull in my hat rescue operations until earlier this summer when I spotted HAT NUMBER TWO (Yamaha) up at the intersection which takes me out of my neighborhood

I've worn this one to band practice. It's a very nice hat.

I saw HAT NUMBER 3 (Lottery Tennessee) on the way to the Vet's office one morning about a month and a half ago and had to turn around and rescue it. It's pretty ugly and didn't get really clean:

HAT NUMBER 4 (Peterbilt) was quite an achievement! Check out that great design! My youngest daughter spotted this one morning on one of the busier streets in town but I was patient and that patience was rewarded with this sweet hat:

The next hat was discovered this morning so I will be writing about it next.

And yes, I know this is weird. Really, really weird.